As many of you (hopefully) noticed, I participated in TWO art challenges on Instagram in October. Here are the final compilations of all my doodles and drawings along with a few things I learned along the way – enjoy!



Something you should know up-front…I’m TYPE A!! This is a fact and has held true my entire life (this article gets me). I am extremely goal-oriented and every task on my list is a priority! I had to learn to enjoy these daily challenges and let go of the pressure to complete them all or make every post perfect (more on that later).  So it was definitely a CHALLENGE and I learned a few things that felt worth sharing:

1  I’m inspired!

Kudos to @ and @why_hullo_letters for their inspiring prompts! Their words and ideas inspired me to create each day. I was able to push my boundaries, come up with some crazy new ideas, and continue perfecting the areas where I have some experience. So THANK YOU ladies!!

I encourage you all go take a look at their talents and participate in an upcoming challenge if you’re interested.

2  Drawing something everyday feels like a burden but brings great joy

I LIVE off of checklists, so when I decided to commit to two art challenges for the month of October I added “art challenges” to my daily checklist. As we all know, life is a little hectic and adding a daily to-do can be intimidating. To be honest, some days I knew exactly what I wanted to draw and I was able to dedicate some actual time to it (I love those days); on the other hand, some days my drawings were simply a check off the list (you’ll note those days by pencil lines and sketch book photos ;)). Either way though, I loved holding myself accountable for a little ‘me time’ and getting out my sketch book every single day.

3   It’s ok to post the imperfections

OCT_4This is a HUGE lesson for me. I am a perfectionist at heart and I often struggle when posting my art. I want it to be complete and colored and digitized and, and, and… With the challenges, that wasn’t always possible (and it’s not the real goal). I had to learn to be okay with the imperfections – and you all show me love (and likes) even when my doodles are a little messy, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support!


4  I’m finding my style

I was able to try out a lot of styles with these challenges. Some of the prompts sparked inspiration in me for a totally new style. By the way, that is one of my favorite feelings – when I see a word and immediately have an idea – it’s exhilarating! Through all of these experiments, I was able to figure out what I’m good at, and where I need work (or what I need to leave behind). I hope to always dabble in many styles, but I’m happy to find my niche with scripts and colorful doodles – stay tuned for much more where that came from!


5  I need a new sketchbook!

Mine is full now!! This may be the first time I actually filled a sketchbook before coming across a new one that I can’t live without (usually at Target). I’ll call it a win…and a reason to buy cute stationary.


I’m semi-participating this month (remember my Type A personality…this is TOUGH for me!). I have both challenge prompts saved on my phone and when I feel like drawing, I reference them for inspiration. I’m also working on new designs and products for my Etsy shop and filling Christmas orders – so keep an eye out for all of that with a few doodles sprinkled in!

Happy Holidays!!