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I’m Jordan – I’m a believer, a wife, a mother, a marketing professional by day, and a letter lover at heart.

I’ve been doodling and lettering since I can remember – although I didn’t call it that or even know “lettering” was a thing until I graduated college. I’ve always had a crush on art supplies, specifically a good pen collection. I worked at a pottery studio throughout high school and college, and to that I credit my true interest in calligraphy and lettering. I did personalization on pottery items – think kids names next to hand-prints and loving quotes on plates (I write a solid “home is where the heart is”). I fell in love with the many ways to write words, the many “fonts” you can come up with on your own, and the many tools you can use to create!

I moved from pottery to canvas for a hot minute and finally found that pen to paper is my real passion. I stuck to paper and pen for many years and continue defining those skills, but recently I’ve been doing a lot more illustration on my iPad. I still believe all good ideas start on paper – so that’s where I begin. I feel like I will forever be learning the art of lettering and forever struggling to understand every element of digitizing a design – but I make it work and the majority of my designs are finalized on the computer for print or use online.

Answers to a few common questions I get:

“Kaylie Jay” is my husband’s nickname for me, I can’t live without my planner, I doodle all of my notes, I color-code excessively, my favorite day-to-day pens are Paper Mate Flairs, my favorite brush pen is a Sharpie Brush or Tombow Fudenosuke, I love to share beautiful art, kind words and the Gospel…and I would love to hear from you!

Shoot me an email at kayliejaydesigns@gmail.com or let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!


Jordan Thoma

kayliejay designs


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